By sending this form, your child and / or ward makes the registration to the Algorithmics program.

Once the form has been sent, check that you have received the confirmation email of the registration made. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact the delegation in your area, or Algorithmics Spain.

Once the registration is made and the conditions are accepted, the student is enrolled in the activity.


The price of the activity has been informed prior to the completion of this registration by the delegation of your area, or by Algorithmics Spain (this price does not have to coincide with the one indicated in the on-line registration form). However, in case of doubt, you can contact us to clarify any doubts before the formalization of the registration.

Before the beginning of the course, the registration fee and the corresponding monthly payment will be made, this payment serving at the same time as a place reservation.

The payment of the monthly installments will always be made by direct debit. In the event of the return of the bank receipt, the student will pay the amount corresponding to the returned receipt plus the expenses for returning it, which will amount to 4 euros.


Algorithmics activity is governed by the school calendar approved by the corresponding education ministries of the respective autonomous communities and with the local holidays of each municipality. In the case of courses taught online that exceed the geographic scope of an autonomous community, they will be governed by the national calendar.

The training provided by Algorithmics, both face-to-face and online, bases the student's learning on a method that includes the teaching of one class per week and allows autonomous work on the platform, with 24 / attention. 7 by the Algorithmics educational team.

The amounts of the monthly payments are calculated as a pro rata of the total amount of the course, including months of more or less duration, vacations and holidays. For this reason, the months of December, January and the month in which Easter falls, the full fee will be paid.

Algorithmics establishes a series of discounts that students who are siblings may benefit from, informing by email to once they have registered. The second brother will have a 10% discount on the general fee and the third one 25%. There will be no discounts of any other nature.

The student who wants to cancel the activity must notify it before the 20th of the current month so that the cancellation is effective in the following month. Withdrawals are not allowed by phone or through another student. The student cannot unsubscribe for the last month of the course.

The student who joins the activity during the first fortnight of the month will pay the full fee for that month, if they start the activity during the second fortnight they will pay half of the fee. Once the student participates in the first class, they must pay the corresponding fee for the current month.

The lack of attendance of the student to the activity, for whatever period, does not exempt him from the payment of the corresponding monthly fee.

Algorithmics reserves the right to exclude from the practice of the activity those participants who are not up to date with payment until they regularize their situation.

Algorithmics reserves, for pedagogical, organizational or force majeure reasons, the possibility of changing classes for both a student and a teacher.

Algorithmics is committed to maintaining a group in which the minimum number of students enrolled is six. In the event that it is less than this number of students, Algorithmics reserves the right to cancel the activity, returning the amount charged.

Students can authorize Algorithmics to take photographs, and collect projects from students, always within the scope of the activities that are carried out and that may be exhibited in our centers, website and social networks.

Students can stay informed of Algorithmics activities through our website