Do you know what Algorithmics is?
It is an international school that is found in more than 55 countries around the world and we continue to grow day by day, to bring to children the knowledge of programming that will serve them for their personal and professional future.

At Algorithmics we have a particular and unique teaching method, our students learn through gamification,
that is, through game elements, which facilitates their learning and makes each lesson more fun. In addition, all the theory is supported by a practical project that each student will have to carry out, in order to put into action everything seen in the theoretical part.
Our vision
We work every day to ensure that children around the world have a different education, adapted to their generation and what awaits them in their future. The traditional educational system from the twentieth century is out of date for the demands of the jobs that children will find today. Therefore, we not only teach programming, but we also do it with the GAMIFICATION methodology, that is, Algorithmics students learn while having fun playing with each lesson.

How do we do it?

International programming courses
We have different educational centers around the world, currently 200 centers and increasing.

Computer system for teaching programming
Both for schools and educational academies in extracurricular subjects

We help children to have a Curriculum that differentiates them from other children
By teaching digital education and programming, students not only learn to create digital projects, but also develop skills demanded in the 21st century such as creativity, problem solving, as well as the development of logical thinking.

An individual approach for each student
The Algorithmics platform creates an individualized study program for each student and helps the teacher analyze the progress of the children in the group.

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